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Football Season is Here!

Pickem pools have been around since sports betting began. The game is simple, pick the winners of each contest, the one with the most correct is the winner. We keep it simple in our interface and make it easy for you and your friends to run your contest online. We have no annoying ad banners, email spam or other things to distract you from the fun.

Individual Version: Pool Setup
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Up to 400 Entries - One Low Cost:      $19.95
No Ads - No Spam - No Selling Your Entrants Info

Run your NFL Pickem Pool Online With Our State-Of-The-Art Pools Software

Celebrating our 24th Year of Office Pool Management

- Each Entrant chooses winners of a number of College or NFL matchups
- Picks can be made straight up or using point spreads.
- If you pick correctly, you receive a point.
- Entrant with the most points wins the week and/or year.
- Tiebreaker is the last game of the week, guessing closest to total score (both teams).

Commercial Version: Private Label Our Software

Are you representing an organization, Radio/TV, Sports Bar, etc? Nothing creates as much hype as the excitement of an Online Pickem Contest! Best of all, we handle all the data entry and contest tracking. When all is said and done, you provide the prizes and collect the data (names, emails and other data you designated). You can license our games and completely brand it to your business!

**Thousands of Entrants? Corporate Sponsorship?
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Just a clean looking site with all the bells and whistles, none of the distractions!

Individual Version: Pool Setup
up to 400 Entries - One Low Cost:      $19.95
No Ads - No Spam - No Selling Your Entrants Info

  Features Include:
        - Point/Click Entry
        - Change picks up until each gametime
        - Point Spreads or Straight Up
        - Omit Thursday Game
        - Confidence Rank Picks.
        - Weight differing matchups.
        - Sizes itself to work great on all devices: phones, tablets and computers
        - Automated Results Calculation
        - Versatile Scoring Options
        - Brand the site to your organization/business (Commercial)
        - Customize Banners/Text (Individual Only)
        - No Banner Ads or Registrations (or SPAMMING emails)
        - Printable Results/Entries
        - Editable Picks
        - Track Monies Paid (Individual Only)
        - Only you collect data from your league entrants.
        - Choose between PICK WINNNERS or PICK LOSERS

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